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Welcome to Harrison Landing

Caledonia, ON

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Dock Rentals are Available

Dock reservation requires non-refundable pre-payment.

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Launching Procedures

It is important that once you check in with the attendant that you move away from the entrance to set your boat up. 
Please be courteous, respect the line up process and show patience.
A transient dock is available for picking up guests and/or waiting for your turn to exit the water at the launch

Contactless Payment

We accept debit/credit and cash
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Hours of Operation

Please check "Hours of Operation".

Dock Reservations

We accept dock reservations - full payment is required to reserve dock
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About the Park

Harrison Landing is a family-run privately-owned park with a boat launch and day docks as well as picnic areas for day-use.

Our 50-foot stone-and-grate launch allows us to accommodate boats up to 30-feet! Multiple boats can use the launch at the same time. Furthermore, our docks (wood, plastic, and metal available) are stable enough for family-use and many are handicap accessible. 

Located on the calm waters of the Grand River, you can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant boat ride from our launch season-round. The river is 27 km long and anywhere between 9 to 12-feet deep in the middle - great swimming conditions! We are also located close to the core of Caledonia, with amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, hardware stores, etc. close-by!

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Park Rules

It is the responsibility of boaters and fishers to have proper licensing. Before leaving you MUST have the following: your safe boat requirements, boater operator license, ownership, PLUS: bumpers, ropes, a charged battery, gas, oil, plug and your own tool kit. We will NOT be able to provide you with any of those basics.

No alcohol permitted in the park.

No open fires permitted in the park. (Barbecues may be used.)

Swimming near the launch is strictly prohibited.

Horseplay on the water near the docks (e.g., going too fast, driving recklessly, spraying people) is strictly prohibited and may be grounds for ejection from the park.

Upon entering the park, you must STOP and pay an attendant.

Respect our bathroom facilities and put waste in the provided bins.

Dogs must be kept on-leash and you are responsible for picking up after them.

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Price List



DRIVER ONLY: $5/vehicle
2 people (driver and 1person) : $10/vehicle
3-4 people (driver and 2 or 3 people): $20/vehicle
5 people (driver plus 4) or more in a vehicle: $30/vehicle


Launch & Go

Includes launching your watercraft and parking your vehicle while on the water.

$35/$50 per side

Day Dock Rental

Includes launching your watercraft, parking your vehicle, and access to an assigned dock and picnic area for the day.

Weekday rental: $35 per side

Weekends & holidays: $50 per side


Launch & Go Season Pass

Unlimited launch & go admissions for the pass holder and the associated boat/trailer.

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Contact Us

Please get in touch regarding reservations, facilities, or general inquiries. E-mail responses may take up to 48 hours.

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Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 11am - 8pm

Weekends & Holidays: 6:30am - 8pm

Outside of these hours, you are not permitted to use the facilities.

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